Sony has hinted that the company will arrive with second generation tablets in the future.

Sony Electronics president Phil Molyneux said that the company was planning new versions of the tablets as the Android tablet market is ‘still expanding’.

While in conversation with pcmag, Molyneux said: ‘First generation, of course, means that there will be a second generation and many more to come’.

So there you go, we can clearly expect many more brand Sony tablets to hit the markets! 

The Japanese tech giant had offered the Sony Tablet P and the Sony Tablet S to the tablet market in the recent times. Both the offerings from the first generation of Sony had featured the Android based operating systems. According to Molyneux the sales on Sony tablet S ‘met the expectations’ but did not exceed them.

The tablets entered the Indian market around mid-December last year and certainly got a fair share of attention at the time of their launch. While the Sony Tablet S almost resembled a slate, the Sony Tablet P was a dual-display gadget looking more like a foldable magazine, or a clamshell.

Both the tablets were certified Playstation devices, meaning they granted you access to exclusive Playstation content like Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes.

While the iPad continues to be our top favourite (especially after the new iPad’s unveiling), we certainly look forward to the future generations of Sony tablets.

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