According to a published report in the Times of India, students studying in Mumbai will be among the first in the country to receive the much awaited Aakash tablet. The reasonably priced tablet was launched in October by Union Minister Kapil Sibal. Aakash, the retail price of which is Rs. 2,500/-, will be sold to students at almost half price at Rs. 1,138/-.

Rajpal Hande, Director, Board of College and University Development, spoke to the Times of India about the tablet’s rollout schedule. He said, “We have issued circulars to all affiliated colleges and departments. We are hoping that students will avail of the facility as they are getting it at almost 50% discount. I am also told an improved version of the tablet will be launched in February, so the students might get an upgraded version.”

Though the exact time line of the tablet’s roll out is not yet known, students can expect to find Aakash in their colleges in the next few months. Of course, the sooner the Government is able to supply the tablet to educational institutions, the better it is. In fact, Aakash has been designed with the aim to make technology easily accessible to everyone in India, especially students. 

Aakash offers everything that a basic tablet offers, that too at an extremely reasonable price. Students looking to purchase the tablet can do so with ease by simply placing an order with their colleges. With Aakash readily available to students and teachers, studying and taking exams is never going to be the same again, especially since everyone can get their hands on online content anytime, anywhere simply by touching a screen. 


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