The endless war between tech giants Samsung and Apple will keep going on and both will try to win market with what best they can provide. So after Samsung won the suite in Australia and can sell its galaxy tablet there. It is all set to unveil its 11.6-inch tablet. But the question is when? 

The South Korean company is likely to release its tablet in the coming Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. The tablet is said to have amazing features and will be a rival to iPad3 by Apple. God knows what turn this will give to the love-hate relationship of these tech giants.

For now we can give you a brief look at the features of the upcoming tablet in the Samsung galaxy range. The tablet has 11.6-inch screen with 2560x1600 pixel resolution. This will be Android, 4.0  (Ice Cream Sandwich) operated. That means it will have Android Beam which will allow the users to share or transfer data with just a tab on the device. Android Beam works on the technology of Near Field Communication (NFC). For now this tablet can be used in sync with Samsung galaxy Nexus, which was the first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone in collaboration with Google. 

The tablet is supposedly said to be packed with dual-core 2GHz Exynos processor. It will be slightly bigger than its predecessor 10.1-inch galaxy tablet due to the use of slimmer bezel. 

The soon to be launched tablet will also feature a wireless docking mode which will help the user to game on an HDTV. This feature can possibly take Samsung ahead of Airplay and Apple in this war. But it is the display type where Samsung can disappoint its users and loose this battle as Samsung will have retina display on the 11.6-inch tablet.

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