Users waiting to get their hands on Symbian Belle for their E6 handsets don’t need to be patient anymore. The firmware has been leaked online by someone who is probably a Nokia tester and can be accessed for download at Daily Mobile’s forum site. This is not the first time that Symbian Belle has leaked for a Nokia handset. Updates for the N8 and the C7 were doing the rounds on the internet not very long ago.

Symbian Belle has already been demoed on the E6 and a video of the two working together is available on YouTube. The first thing the user who uploaded the video noticed was the big clock on the screen of the E6, after the Symbian Bell was introduced on it. Another desirable feature of the Bell is the pull down notifications bar that makes multitasking a breeze on the phone. This too, worked seamlessly on the user’s device.

What is commendable is that even after the upgrade, the user did not lose any of the data that was stored on the phone’s internal memory. It was preserved, easily accessible even through Symbian Belle. The demo also confirmed that widgets can be added and moved around on the phone’s screen with ease. Also, with the upgrade, all of the phone’s apps are made available in a single view. Users can scroll up and down to access the app they desire, without having to go through various folders.

Though the upgrade to Symbian Belle spruces up the E6 by leaps and bounds, downloading its unofficial leak is not for the faint hearted. Users have to remember that they will need to go through the usual processes of unlocking their phones and exposing them to the risk of malfunctions that is eminent with any leaked and unofficial firmware.  


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