After Aakash tablets in the Indian market, Reliance Industries the largest private sector company started working on their own tablets. But these tablets are going to hit the market with a difference. It was reported by Economic Times that these tablets will cost same and will come bundled with 4G data cards.

4G technology is faster than third generation which is currently in use in India. Service providers charge around Rs.100/1GB downloads whereas Reliance plans to provide broadband services at the price of Rs.10/1GB on 4G technology.

Initially the service will be launched in 700 cities with data speeds ranging from 50Mbps to 100Mbps. The service will possibly see its launch by the end of 2012. It will be launched on Qualcomm’s long-term evolution plans, which has already been deployed by major global networks in developed markets.

This can be a huge threat to the other 3G Internet service providers. It can rage huge tariff wars as Reliance is planning to offer better services at the tenth of the current price. But according to many 4G and 3G will survive happily in India together complimenting each other’s services.

RIL is taking such a big leap on the basis of its acquisition of Infotel Broadband at 13,000 crores. Infotel is the same company that managed to get pan-India license in the auction Broadband Wireless Access spectrum conducted by government last year. This pan-India spectrum will be used in providing broadband services on the 4G technology.

Reliance Industries chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced earlier this June about the bright and positive view of the company towards growth. He said that company is certainly working towards products that will not only take Reliance out of debts but also will make it the biggest of all. Telecom is one of the five industries under Reliance Industries and has plans to take the group higher.

According to many 4G and 3G will survive happily in India together complimenting each other’s services. But it is important to notice that is India even ready for the 4G bang yet? Where 3G is still struggling to imprint its trust will 4G be welcomed with big fat promises?

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