Well, for the kind of start and publicity the new iPhone has received, we would expect Apple to come up with a perfect handset with no hitches whatsoever. But when an iPhone caught smoke and a “red glow” onboard a flight to Sydney, Apple received some bad PR.

The reasons for this are still unknown, but one theory suggests that this happened due to a faulty lithium ion battery on the iPhone. Some neglected the whole episode by calling it an isolated incident. But what when it happens more than once? Well, a new case of an iPhone catching on fire has been reported, but this time in Brazil.


A female iPhone user named, Ayla Paulo Mota kept the phone for charging at night and realized at dawn that her phone has was on fire. What happened next is evident from the pictures taken after the incident. What baffles me is that how this can happen when the device goes through number of quality tests before being finally rolled out of the manufacturing unit.

Maybe there is something that the manufacturers aren’t aware of yet. Well, this particular handset is not repairable now and thanks for the protective casing, it has absorbed some of the heat as well. The female apparently was very close to the handset when the incident occurred, so we can understand her concern with the phone catching on fire spontaneously.

Apple is yet to comment on this incident, but we can expect a word or two from Cupertino regarding the matter in the coming days. With the iPhone launched in most parts of the world, Apple would want to be quick in responding to the episode.

This new incident suggests that there could be a few other faulty iPhones being sold in the market. It would be wise to get in touch with Apple as soon as possible if you experience overheating and other related symptoms on your new iDevice.

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