Google Wallet is probably the easiest way to pay for purchases but unfortunately it has not been made available on the Galaxy Nexus officially. Experts at MoDaCo have been able to hack into the system and run it on the smartphone though. Of course, the hack and use is unofficial but no less commendable.

Running Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus requires users to get involved in bootloader unlocking and ROM flashing. The phone’s software also requires some tinkering to make Google Wallet work flawlessly. Smartphone experts warn that users new to Android would do well to wait awhile before they start fiddling with their devices. Seasoned players can go the Google Wallet way, but of course at their own risk. 

The break in can be found on the MoDaCo forums website, complete with detailed instructions. Once the smartphone is unlocked, users need to install MoDaCo’s custom ROM. Then the Google Wallet patch must be applied and its permissions changed.

Those who have tried the break in are satisfied that it works well. Though some cards are not supported on the system, most users find the hacked version easy to use. In fact, users over at BGR also got the complementary $10 that Google Wallet gives out when someone signs up for its service. 

Google Wallet is a convenient and easy-to-use platform, especially to make payments on the go. With its rising popularity, Samsung and Android should ideally introduce the system officially on the Galaxy Nexus in a future update. After all, it is with features like Google Wallet that the two market leaders can take on their toughest competition head to head. 


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