Digitimes recently reported that sources from the upstream supply chain claim that PC hardware makers including Dell, HP, Acer and Asus are at a disadvantage in the tablet market and may soon quit the game altogether.

According to these sources, brands like Apple, Amazon and B & N have a very strong content base that lends tough competition to other players. They also feel that this competition is only going to get tougher and those players who are unable to provide unique content to users might have to quit the market as early as next year.

The sources that spoke to Digitimes analyzed the tablet business process and came to the conclusion that since key players profit from their content platforms, they may well reach a point where they will offer hardware free to customers and charge only for content. Such a scenario will put players like Dell, Acer etc face to face with losses since hardware and not content is their forte.

Even as far as content is concerned, players like Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble are already engaged in stiff competition with each other, each offering something new at a price lower than the others.  

Though time will tell if the prediction made by Digitimes’s sources does come true, right now it looks like the tablet market is in for a big overhaul with many new devices expected to flood the system in the New Year. New and improved devices are expected from almost every player this festive season and competition in both content and price is sure to heat up like never before.


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