Google has finally made its Google Music announcement. It has introduced the Google music service. The music service is headed to Android devices with features such cloud integration and an option to download up to 20,00 songs for free.

Along with that, Android users will be able to access Google Music even while they are offline. One of the most interesting things on offer is that the service will be heavily integrated into Android market.

Apart from many free downloads; thousands of songs will be available for purchasing. The Google Music homepage boasts of new releases, staff picks and recommended new music.

Every paid song will also come with a 90 second preview, which can be downloaded as a 320k MP3 on any Android device.

Google also offers one the option to share music with friends using Google Plus. His/her friends will receive a full free playback of the song once it is shared. But, the catch here is, that only the people in your ‘circles’ can listen to the track.

On the Android website, people can find recommendations and free music. They can also find featured content such as interviews.

Google has tied up with Sony, EMI and Universal to provide licensed music, along 1000 small labels. Google claims that the current crop of 8 million songs will boost to 13 million songs.

The company will also offer a ‘free song of the day’, similar to the one offered on Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s appstore.

Artists such as the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Shakira and Dave Matthews band will be available on Google Music. Artist Busta Rhymes has even released his album – ‘Why stop now’ exclusively on Google Music.

 Despite etching last-minute deals with Sony and EMI, Google seems on track as far as its music service goes. It seems Google has taken up another idea that was Apple’s birthchild  (iTunes) and molded it into something better and open-to-all.

Currently, Google Music is available in the U.S, but we hope it makes its Indian debut soon.

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