Rovio, the makers of the Angry Birds, one of the most popular game have opened the first retail shop of Angry Birds products in Helsinki, Finland.

Downloaded by over 500 millions users, Angry Birds retail shop will house products like school bags, stuff toys and t-shirts. These products are also available for purchase online.

This shop incorporates a unique experience where customers can play  games and experience the various Angry Birds season. A large size sling with Angry Bird ready to shoot has been clearly seen in the pictures. Rovio has uploaded these pictures on its Facebook page too.

The shop is full of Angry Bird stuffs, so it’s one of the great places to go with children. You can buy Angry Birds books, CD’s and a lot more stuff including the soft toys, school kits etc from the shop.

he company has sold over 1 million Angry Bird t-shirts as of now. The rising demand prompted the company to open another store. You will also find “Christmas Birds” plush toys, which will be available in the store on this Christmas festival.

You might soon see its franchise as well, as the company seems to be committed in making Angry Bird a brand name instead of leaving it at the game stage only.

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