Nokia has recently unveiled its first windows phones Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. These handsets are expected to launch in India before the end of this year only. Lets have a look at the top 5 features of Lumia 710 to know what especial features it has for the Nokia lovers.

Nokia Music: Through Nokia MP3 you can download ‘n’ number of music tracks in your Nokia Lumia 710. You can even change the tracks with the volume keys even when the phone is locked. You can easily download recently resealed albums and song by typing in the search box. The music player update will be available in the Marketplace.    

Nokia Drive and Maps:Lumia 710 is a GPS enabled handset. But besides this, the most exciting features it has is the voice control  navigation and the 2D and 3D image viewing. You can tone down the screen brightness and you can adjust the sound that you would like to listen during the drive. You can download Nokia Map from Marketplace for a better search.

Office and Mail: With the new Windows office you can work more efficiently on your word document. You can copy any paragraph of your document and upload it on the internet. Side by side you can check your mailbox as well. Hotmail, Yahoo and many other accounts can be managed in a much easier way.

People Hub: You can choose the contact, which you want to see in the what’s new section. You can follow any particular person and you can adjust that whether you want to know about his Twitter updates or Facebook updates. You can filter the friend list from emails and social media websites by going into the ‘settings’ options.

ESPN Sports Hub: With the ESPN Sports hub you can follow your sports news, highlights and even the team information. With this app you can easily follow the live games and a lot more.

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