There are no two ways about the fact the Android is simple, easy and intuitive. With Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), Google builds on these three key features and brings on board powerful features to communicate and interact. Know Your Mobile picks the Top 10 ingredients that makes Ice Cream Sandwich flavor the best among all the other Android flavors so far.

Refined User Interface

With ICS, Android users will notice a more evolved UI. Simplifying things further the new Android platform brings common actions to the foreground, makes navigation easier in addition to bringing more intuitive gestures. 

The emphasis is on visibility of the things that will aid users in multitasking and navigating. For example, in the system bar, virtual buttons will enable users to switch back and forth among Back, Home, and Recent Apps. There is also easy access to application options in the action bar placed at the top of the screen. In addition ICS brings improvement to the readability, thanks to the optimized high-resolution screen.


With Ice Cream Sandwich, multitasking is a breeze. Jump from one task to the other using the list in the System Bar. You can view the recently used apps ( indicated in a thumbnail) and switch along by tapping on the thumbnail. You can jump to the camera or see notifications without unlocking. The new and interactive notifications allows users to keep in constant touch with incoming messages, play music tracks, see real-time updates from apps, and more.

New system font aka Roboto

Android ICS sports a new type face called Roboto. Designed keeping the high resolution screens in mind, Roboto is extremely appealing. It's "modern, yet approachable" and "emotional,"- it is not just a font.

Resizable widgets

ICS gives you much more freedom than simply adding shortcuts. Flip through calendar, play music, check mails, and do a whole lot more. You can also squeeze your widgets or expand them according to your preference.

Smile and unlock

Now this is really a gem. Forget the complex passwords and say hello to a whole new "unlocking" mechanism. Look into the camera, smile ( or frown) and unlock your phone.

Cloud-connected experience

Users can now store all their documents, photos, apps, games, email, and contacts and sync them across all their devices. Organization is the key and with ICS's new browsing and email capabilities users can do just that and more.

Powerful voice input engine

This encompasses a very powerful feature that brings "open microphone" experience and streaming voice recognition. Now you can dictate as long as you want in the language you want. Any misspelled word or errors are highlighted in grey and users can tap on the errors to see suggestions and make changes.

Android Beam

This is one of the innovation features that Galaxy Nexus users will see in their ICS run device. Using Android Beam users can share everything from docs, music, photos, videos with just one tap. Unlike primitive days ( till yesterday) when we had to open a menu, launch a application, pair devices -  Android Beam makes sharing a piece of cake.  Also individual apps can add other types of interactions, such as passing game scores, chat, using Android Beam.

Redesigned Gallery app with photo editor

This app will come handy in managing, showing, sorting and sharing pictures and videos. Topping it is the new powerful photo editor, which will assure making your good pictures even better. Rotate, crop, add effects and do much more using this great tool.

Wi-Fi Direct

Ice Cream Sandwich users can use Wi-Fi Direct to connect directly to their friends nearby over Wi-Fi. Not only that, users can also connect with compatible devices and use new features like filled sharing, photos, media and more with other devices. In short good bye to internet connection and tethering.

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