There is good news for Asus fans who have been waiting for the arrival of the Eee Pad Transformer 2. The NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered tablet recently popped up online revealing its specifications, pricing and shipping date.

According to, the pre-order page for the Asus Eee Pad  Transformer 2 displays the tablet carrying a TF201-1I020A code. While there are no photographs attached on the pre-order page, we have found confirmation on some of the rumored specs.
Asus Transformer 2
The confirmed specs for the Transformer 2 include a  NVIDIA Tegra 3 unit and a Android operating system. We now also know that the tablet cum PC will sport a 10.1-inch touchscreen and come packed with a 32GB internal memory. There is also a possibility of a golden casing in the store.

The Transformer 2 price has been listed at £537.85 which when converted comes to around Rs 42,000. Among all the tablets that have arrived in India so far, Transformer 2 by far is the most expensive at this price range. The tablet is expected to ship on November 7.

In our earlier post we had mentioned that  Austek CEO had indicated that the Transformer 2 is on schedule. While most of the manufacturers are slashing prices of their devices, Asustek CEO Jerry Shen has stated clearly that it is not planning to cut back on the price of either Eee Pad Transformer or Transformer 2.

Speaking to Digitimes, Shen was quoted as saying, "the Android tablet PCs have been seeing improvements and the upcoming Android 4.0, which will be released at the end of 2011, should be able to satisfy market's demand and help Android tablet PC to compete against Apple's iPad on the same ground".

So, what is still rumored about Transformer 2?

Transformer 2 will come in the dimensions of 7x10x0.5 and a higher resolution than its predecessor's 1200 x 800. The USP of the tablet is its connecting keyboard, which "Transforms" it into a PC. The device is also speculated to come strapped with a 5 mega-pixel rear camera and  720p video capabilities. We are expecting to see more specs emerge as the Transformer 2 release approaches.

While there is no official announcement on the India launch we expect to see the Transformer 2 hit the Indian shores by later this year or early next year.

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