Telecom Regulatory of India (TRAI) has put a cap on the number of text messages anyone can send in a day. According to the new ruling, no one in India can send more than 100 SMSs a day. The ruling has been passed because millions of people felt harassed by the numerous unsolicited messages being sent to their phones everyday. Know Your Mobile provides you a point-by-point view of the ruling.


Ever since mobile phones have been made available to the general public, advertisers have treated them as open-for-all advertisement bandwagon. A mobile phone has transformed from being a personal device to being a breach device.

Who amongst hasn’t been troubled by unsolicited messages when we would like to least receive them? The way it used to work was that telemarketers would send bundled messages to random users to earn their ad revenues. One bundled SMS used to cost as less as 30paise!


In December last year, the Government announced that it planned to impose strict fines on tele-marketing firms who send messages to people who are on the ‘national do not call’ list. TRAI also banned commercial calls between 9 pm – 9am. But this hardly had an effect on the telemarketing firms.

In an effort to finally rein in tele-marketers, the Govt. has issued a regulation, which comes in effect today, barring anyone to send more than 100 messages per day.


But why bar me from sending more than 100 messages? A consumer may say.

Many people have started complaining about the cap of 100 messages per day. What if, for example, you want to wish ‘Happy New Year’ to more than hundred people on New Years Eve?

Many people have started finding the cap on the normal consumer unjust and restraining of their freedoms.

The Go-around

But nothing is foolproof, people say. And it turns out, they are right. One can easily go around the 100 SMS a day regulation. While TRAI would be able to restrain you from sending messages from your network as you normally do, it definitely can’t stop from using services such as Blackberry messenger (BBM).

In fact, brands such as Apple are coming up with their own applications which would help you not only send messages, but even send them for free. Apple is touted to introduce a service known as iMessage in the soon-to-be released iPhone 5, via which you would be able to send across texts to other iPhones for free, without any restrain on the number of messages.

Our take

We believe that the TRAI regulation will definitely rein in unsolicited calls and messages. As for personal inconvenience rendered due to the SMS cap, besides using BBM or iMessage, we would suggest can even use Facebook and other social networks for communicating. Even feature phones such as the Vodafone 555 Blue are loaded with Facebook capabilities nowadays. 

Know Your Mobile welcomes a future without unsolicited text messages.

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