Rumors about the next iPhone never get old, not until the handset is launched at least. Today we have one such rumor at hand which is more conclusive than any other rumor that we have seen. Well, the iPhone 5 has been claimed to feature a bigger display and body.

We might just have confirmation for that rumor with Case Mate, a well known mobile case manufacturer and supplier, leaking pictures of the iPhone 5 case. We have no doubt about the authenticity of this new leak as Case Mate is a major player in the business and any leak from them stands out as genuine and real.

From the pictures it is clear that the new iPhone will have a bigger body as previously rumored, but it also seems like the iPhone 5 could have an all aluminum body which was seen on the first iPhone way back in 2007.

We however need to realize that cases tell us only half of the story and we still don’t know whether the iPhone will feature a bigger screen or not. The iPhone 5 is certainly going to be a slimmer than its predecessor and it’s pretty evident from the cases that we see here.

We could see the iPhone 5 coming with rounded edges unlike the predecessor which will certainly improve the looks of the handset. Apple certainly wouldn’t like how companies are giving away the surprise element slowly yet consistently with new leaks unfolding one aspect or the other of the device almost every day. Case Mate however has removed the listing from its website, which we believe was due to Apple’s concern regarding the matter.

It is only a matter of time before Apple announces the new iPhone which will put an end to all the rumors, well for the time being at least. Let’s hope that what we see here is the real deal and not just another fake rumor.

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