With today’s hectic lifestyle, it has become necessary to take a break and indulge oneself. Smartphone makers have come up with many unique apps to not only help you relax and de-stress, but even offer guided meditation and sleep enhancement.

As surprising as it may sound, the path to a quiet mind travels through labyrinth of a feature-rich and technologically advanced smartphone.

There are quite a few apps both free and paid that you can explore to relax and reconnect with your innerself like Om Meditation ($1 on Apple and Android) and Pranayama (free). In fact, we can downloaded these apps ourselves to check them out and found them actually useful, with not only guided instructions, but also demonstrative diagrams for better understanding.

If you are an iPhone or iPad owner, you have an array of choices on the iTunes store. The Indian iTunes store currently lists more than two hundred such apps.

Another such app is Music Healing that helps you relax through a combination of different sounds. These sounds help relax your brain waves. Funny though it may sound, we tested it on ourselves and although we wouldn’t call it incredible, we would surely recommend it as a viable de-stressing app.

For people with a religious bent of mind, there are apps such as Gayatri Mantra ($1 on iTunes) and Buddhist meditation (free on iTunes). Moreover, iTunes offers medicinal apps such as mind, body healing and meditator.

To check the extra stress accumulated at work place there are apps like Office harmony ($2 on iTunes), which are designed to help you engage productively while working. 

De-stressing is not only limited to apps. In fact, the iTunes store further offers guided podcasts (free radio episodes) such as Meditation station by Stin to help you relax through a combination of meditation and breathing exercises.

With de-stressing apps, one can say that a smartphone is no-longer only utility specific. In fact, it has been ‘de-stressed’ to become more user-friendly in a broader term.

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