EAFT Technologies India has disclosed that MagicTile Apollo will be their next tablet device.

Not much information is available about Apollo at the moment. According to Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Giri Prathivadi, the company is looking forward to the launch of three more tablets very soon.

The new tablet can be a upgraded version of the MagicTile Marathon or a completely new tablet. If the MagicTile Marathon specs are bumped, we could see Apollo arrive with a better processor than Tegra 2.1 and an upgraded OS Android 2.3.

The cost of MagicTile Marathon was comparatively high at Rs. 29, 990.

So, what price the company will decide for their next product depends a lot on the market situation. We have seen a growing number of new budget tablets emerging in the Indian market.

So what exactly MagicTile Apollo offers to its consumers we will have to wait and watch.

MagicTile Apollo we hope will add to the budget smartphone collection in India and give stiff competition to the other domestic tablet manufacturing companies.

EAFT' recently launched MagicTile Marathon Tablet for the Indian consumers. Equipped with a 10-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, the device supported a 16GB storage capacity, 512MB RAM and excellent Wi-Fi and 3G- connectivity options.

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