Know Your Mobile bring you both top 10 paid and unpaid apps for your Android device.

Free Apps

Google Maps: Download the Google Map application and do away with the paper maps. Google Map works with navigation using the GPS and it shows the places, routes with their latitudes. The added attraction in Android Google app is that it works with voice-guided GPS navigation system.
Facebook: Share and stay connected with your Facebook friends through this Android app. You can update your status, chat with online friends, check out the news feed, and post comments on their walls.

YouTube: The latest version of the official YouTube app is available with in-page playback (you can read comments while watching the video). This new version of YouTube app offers you new design of user interface, personalized home screen video feed, brand new player control, rotate for-fullscreen playback and more.

Racing Moto: You might never dare to drive fast like crazy in the real world, but with this app you can zoom ahead like a bullet. It’s a racing game in which you need to control your Moto with the motion sensor. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the driveway- desert, city, bridge, sea and forest.

Talking Tom Cat Free: Talking tom is just like your pet. But it is more fun to play with this pet as it does mimicry and a lot of funny acts when you touch this clown canine.

Top Paid

Reckless Getaway: Reckless Getaway is a car chasing game in which you beat the cop and escape their grips. Filled with real adventure and fun this game will keep your heart racing for a while.

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips: Airport Mania is a sequel of one of the most amazing game of Apps store Airport Mania.
Airport Mania will take you to a new journey as you have never been before. You will board the flight from North Pole and travel to the Moon. In between you will see incredible places and encounter a whole new set of air crafts like spaceships, military jets etc. 

Pano: This is an award winning panoramic photographic app. This app enables you to click seamless panoramic photos straight from your phone.

Windows 7: If you want to run Windows 7 on your Android device then you can do that with this app. This application will change the default home applications and you will be able to access anything through Windows 7 for Android.

UberMusic: UberMusic is a highly customized music player for Android. You can change its user interface (UI) by applying different skins that can be downloaded through the Android Market. Just type “UberMusic Skin” and you will get all the skins which you can apply in this music player. It makes for a wonderful music playing experience.

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