Jigsee, an Indo-Canadian mobile video streaming start-up has launched a new app that facilitates seamless streaming of video content on mobile phones enabled with 2G.

This new app delivers video flow on wireless data networks on connections as slow as 50 kbps. Interestingly, the average speed of GPRS data-rates in India is approximately 60 kbps.

To start with, a few selected Java enabled mobile handsets (running in some few hundred) will support this app. The firm plans to improvise the app and integrate it with Android OS for the convenience of new-gen mobile users. The app comes with an auto-bookmarking feature thanks to which video can restart from the point where video has stopped or has ended suddenly. Another quality of this app which is being talked about is its auto-adjustment depending on the quality of video feed on particular network. In other words, higher the speed, better will be the quality of video. Other than 2G, this app works smoothly on all the other networks such as 3G and Wi-Fi. Jigsee stream will play non-stop even if the user switches between networks.

Already the Jigsee website has over 100,000 minutes of high-class entertainment content from A-grade Indian Production Houses namely UTV, UTV Bindaas, Swami Films, Mukta Arts etc. The content available includes trailers, songs and news (mainly related to entertainment industry). Short films, documentaries and all sort of devotional content also finds place here. On top of it, there is no language barrier as your choice of content is available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi and even Punjabi.

Since this app will allow smooth running of videos on 2G networks, users' monthly bills too are expected to come down.

The beta version of this app named Jigsee will be available from August 15 for download. It will also be available on OVI, Cellmania and Appie platforms.

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