Introducing Windows 8
Introducing Windows 8
Tue, 30 Oct 2012 06:15:00 GMT | By Rob Clymo, contributor, MSN Tech
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Although Windows 8 comes with a stock set of handy apps such as Mail, People and Messaging software, the new operating system is also more than amenable to additional app installations. This can be done via the Store, and there’s a tile on the Start screen that’ll take you right to it. Inside here there are both free and paid-for apps that cover the entire spectrum of computing chores, from productivity software or taking care of your finances through to social networking and photo editing.

Many of the familiar names can already be found inside the Store, but the range of apps continues to grow by the day. Installation of any apps you subsequently choose is pretty much a one-click or screen tap affair, and an uninstall if you change your mind, is similarly straightforward too.


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