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Daily Horoscope:

As Ganesha foresees, you will be religiously inclined today. Listening to soft, instrumental music will soothe your nerves. You also feel like going back to school days and dig into detective and suspense stories of Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys. It was fun being kid, isn't it?

Weekly Horoscope:

This week is likely to be favourable for your career. Your supreme self-confidence will help you make great strides in your job, but Ganesha advises you to remember that you can't be a one-man army. You need to work in tandem with your team, delegate work to them and oversee their progress along with your own. The workload is going to be heavy, and the pressure can have a deleterious effect on you, so you need to be extremely mentally and physically fit to handle the trying circumstances. Ganesha says the time is auspicious for starting joint ventures, as you shall be open to sharing not just your resources but even your knowledge with your partners. On the home front, you will enjoy intimacy with your spouse.

Monthly Horoscope:

As the stars shine down on you munificently, you can expect to make progress by leaps and bounds in your career or business, foretells Ganesha. Energy, enthusiasm, self-confidence – you would possess all these in ample measure. These may help you accomplish your own targets in double-quick time. Help your colleagues along the way Your superiors would be appreciative of your stance, and then the rewards may soon follow in its wake. Then there may be times when you may be feeling low on your own reserves of zing, and that is when you colleagues will lend you a helping hand. On the personal front, there may be niggling issues, but nothing major that would catch your attention for long. Remain considerate in your behaviour towards the loved ones; don't be brutal with truth, says Ganesha. Socially too, this would be a busy time, so you need to take care of your health. You may filled with an urge to change something, towards the end of the month.

Yearly Horoscope:

Both positive and negative experiences are on the cards for you this year. Ganesha foresees you shedding all your unnecessary inhibitions and freely expressing your feelings. You shall also enjoy a more beautiful love life. Singles may get serious about a special bond, taking it to another level. You will be in such high spirits that you may be in love with everything in life! Those of you with a creative inclination ought to make the best use of this auspicious phase. While you will be busy appreciating all good things that life has to offer, you will have one eye constantly on your bank-balance. The positive offshoot of this is that you will become acutely conscious about increasing your savings, Expect progress on the career front, but keep in mind that the growth may not necessarily get translated into monetary gains. Be patient, says Ganesha. Also, watch what you eat.

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