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Exclusives about Pakistan
  • Looking for greener pasturesSaucy Pakistani Sirens

    They may not have the facility of a Bollywood, but the sirens from across the border are glamorous in their own right. Take a look.

  • Eight killed in US drone attack in PakistanEight killed in US drone attack in Pakistan

    At least eight suspected militants were killed when two missiles were fired by US drones in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of North Waziristan Friday night, a media report said.

  • Artists don't subscribe to India-Pakistan differences: Ghulam AliArtists don't subscribe to India-Pakistan differences: Ghulam Ali

    Mumbai: Music knows no boundaries and legendary Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali says the unrest between his homeland and India is political and artists don't subscribe to that.

  • India Vs Pak: at birth, and nowIndia Vs Pak: at birth, and now

    A shared historical legacy has led India and Pakistan more into strife than any cohesion.

  • ‘Destination Pakistan’ for foodies‘Destination Pakistan’ for foodies

    Pakistani food, with its emphasis on meat, is aromatic and spicy. And it is in the back lanes of cities that one can relish it best.

  • Imran: Losing the line?Imran: Losing the line?

    Pakistan loves Imran Khan. But is the love enough to reverse the fortunes of the star cricketer? Find out.

  • India Vs Pak: at birth, and nowIndia Vs Pak: The growth graph of India and Pakistan on major fronts

    India's booming economy contrasts with Pakistan's instability. India's economic growth rate has averaged over seven 7 per cent since 1997. The country is a major exporter of information technology services and software professionals. The Indian economy bounced back from the world financial crisis, thanks to its domestic demand.

  • India Vs Pak: Indo-Pak military

    The defence history of India goes back millennia, as does its maritime history.

  • India Vs Pak: at birth, and nowIndia Vs Pak: Low literacy rates run parallel to poverty and ignorance

    Family planning programmes have been unsuccessful in both countries due largely to illiteracy particularly among women

  • India Vs Pak: at birth, and nowIndia Vs Pak: Lop-sided education systems

    Despite being heavily loaded against the girl child, higher education in India has thrown up women professionals and added substantially to the country's work force

  • India Vs Pak: at birth, and nowIndia Vs Pak: Celestial forays

    The Indian Space Research Organization -ISRO-- is the nucleus of India's space programmes. It began working towards developing its own launch vehicles, necessitated by geopolitical and economic compulsions. The lunar spacecraft, Chandrayaan-1, entered the lunar orbit without a hitch, in 2008.

  • India v Pak: at birth, and nowIndia Vs Pak: Social indices

    India is expected to become the world's most populous country by 2025, with its population crossing 1.6 billion. It will also continue to be the youngest country -- the average Indian will be 29 years of age by2020. Pakistan will surpass Indonesia as the world's largest Muslim country by 2030.

  • Why Pakistan mattersWhy Pakistan matters

    If you are living next door to a state which has been called "the most dangerous country in the world" and 'terrorism central", what happens in that cauldron would matter to you. And, matter a lot.

  • Just another fan of Imran KhanJust another fan of Imran Khan

    Infatuations fade away as one grows older and wiser, but for journalist-turned-author Jayeeta Ganguly, a certain Pakistani cricket legend has been an obsession. She has even written a book on him — Just Another Fan! — which she got all-rounder to sign for her. Swagata Sen caught up with the fan who has devoted her life to Imran Khan.

  • Pakistan: Timeline of a nationPakistan: Timeline of a nation

    A chronology of defining moments in Pakistan's history and crucial events recording its umbilical yet strained ties with India

  • Osama's death: What doesn't changeOsama's death: What doesn't change

    The demise of the World's No. 1 Terrorist heralds no real change in fundamentals or policy

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