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Pakistan: Timeline of a nation

A chronology of defining moments in Pakistan's history and crucial events recording its umbilical yet strained ties with India

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Pakistan: Timeline of a nation

Muhammed Ali Jinnah in a meeting with youth members of the Muslim League (1941)

1906 - Muslim League founded to moot the idea of a separate Muslim state carved out of India.

1940 - Muslim League endorses idea of a separate nation.

1947 - East and West Pakistan created by partition. Thousands killed in communal violence that followed.

1948 - Muhammed Ali Jinnah, Pakistan's 'Father of the nation', dies.

1948 - First war with India over Kashmir dispute.

1951 - Jinnah's successor Liaquat Ali Khan assassinated.

1956 - Constitution proclaims Pakistan an Islamic republic.

1958 - Martial law declared, General Ayyub Khan usurps power.

1960 - General Ayyub Khan becomes Pakistan's president.

1965 - Second war with India over Kashmir.

1969 - General Ayyub Khan resigns due to economic problems and disputes between East and West Pakistan. General Yahya Khan takes over.

1970 - Rising tension between East and West Pakistan. Breakaway party, the Awami League, wins general elections in the East

1971 - Civil war after East Pakistan attempts to secede, India assists East Pakistan which becomes Bangladesh

1972 - India and Pakistan sign the Simla peace agreement which draws new frontline in Kashmir.

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