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Saucy Pakistani Sirens

They may not have the facility of a Bollywood, but the sirens from across the border are glamorous in their own right. Take a look.

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Looking for greener pastures

The affinity in pop culture between India and Pakistan is perhaps nowhere more evident than in the popularity of Bollywood films and Indian television serials in that country. On this side, there have been actors such as Meera and Mona Lisa of Pakistan who have tried their hand at Hindi cinema. The good looks of the two actors is just a sample of the exceptional beauty of Pakistani film and television actresses.

India's counterpart in Pakistan, Lollywood, makes just a handful of films every year. The infrastructure in the film industry there is no patch on the lavish offerings of Bollywood, which is a multi-million dollar annual affair. Lahore, the centre of Pakistani film activities, has made way for television productions, with tele-films and tele-dramas gathering more audiences.

Bollywood many times takes the blame for the poor showing of Pakistani cinema, as the market is flooded with Hindi films, whether in cinema halls or as DVDs. Latest Hindi films are available for viewing, further eroding interest in local fare.

Most Pakistani film actresses drift to the small screen. There are not many opportunities to metamorphose into a film star from the humble tv.

We present the top actresses of Pakistan:

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