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Will Rahul be Congress’ brahmastra?

Those who have had the opportunity to interact closely with Rahul vouch for his sincerity, his intelligence, focus and the earnest desire to do the right thing and bring about a change

Will Rahul be Congress’ brahmastra? (© Reuters)

Unlike his father, Rahul Gandhi is up against a sceptical, impatient and angry country

Any guesses on how many 40-plus Indians would give an arm and a leg to swallow the “poison” that the Congress scion Rahul Gandhi was made to ingest at the party’s Chintan Shivir in Jaipur on Sunday?

After the decision to elevate him to the No 2 position in the party in the form of Vice-President, Rahul told us, his mother came to his room at night and cried. Addressing the AICC delegates, he said, “Last night each one of you congratulated me. My mother came to my room and she sat with me and she cried... because she understands that the power so many people seek is actually a poison.”

This is not to take away from a mother’s concern for the safety of her child in a family where the last three deaths have been violent, with that of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi through assassination. But then Rahul went on to say, touchingly, that his mother could see that power is poison “because she is not attached to it”. He also gave us a homily on the “only antidote to this poison” being to see it for what it was “and not become attached to it” or chase it for its “attributes”.

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