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Sonia Gandhi third most powerful woman in Forbes list

Congress president Sonia Gandhi was ranked 21st among the world's most powerful people by Forbes magazine on Wednesday, making her the third most influential of women leaders included in the list

Sonia Gandhi third most powerful woman in Forbes list (© Reuters)

New York: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff were the only women who figured ahead of the 66-year-old Gandhi in the list of 72 politicians, heads of state and business leaders.

Gandhi was also ahead of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who came in seven slots below her.

In a separate list of the world's 100 most powerful women, Forbes ranked Gandhi in the ninth position.

"As president of the Indian National Congress, Gandhi heads the ruling political party of the world's second largest population," read her brief profile on the Forbes website.

"Rumors persist of a rift between her and soft-spoken Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, with many expecting Singh to leave office before the 2014 general elections," it said.

The profile noted that Rahul, described as the "heir apparent in the nation's most famous political dynasty", had recently "snubbed Singh publicly".

Singh's profile noted that the 81-year-old Prime Minister was "credited with shaping India's economic and social welfare reforms". But it also said his "quiet intellectualism renders him a timid public figure".

Rahul's recent criticism of Singh over an ordinance to protect convicted lawmakers was "indicative of Singh's diminishing coterie; rumor has it he will soon resign", the profile said.

Soon after the criticism, Rahul had acted to mend fences with Singh.

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