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PMO lists inclusive growth achievements

New Delhi: The Prime Minister's office (PMO) has listed 10 major achievements that showcase inclusive growth in the last one decade.

PMO lists inclusive growth achievements (© Reuters)

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's official Twitter account identified 10 areas in which the reforms have helped achieve inclusive growth targets.

"More than 29 million families acquired a two-wheeler between 2001 to 2011," the PMO said on the micro-blogging site.

The PMO listed five achievements Monday. It listed five other areas Sunday highlighting inclusive growth.

Here are the 10 areas that the PMO has highlighted on Twitter.

--Nearly 38 million houses obtained tap water connections during the last decade.

--Computer penetration has increased the most during last decade.

--More than 29 million families acquired a two-wheeler between 2001 to 2011.

--Just in 10 years, 56 million households obtained TV sets.

--More than 44 million families moved into their own houses during the last two Five-Year Plans.

--More than 37 million households obtained liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or processed natural gas (PNG) connections in 10 years.

--Telephony reached 137 million houses in 10 years - second fastest growth in the world.

--More than 60 million households got new electricity connections just in a decade.

--More than 34 million households acquired concrete roofs over their heads.

--More than 77 million households connected to banking services in a decade.

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