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Parliament factfile

Here is a brief factfile of the Indian Parliament:

Parliament factfile

* First chairman of Rajya Sabha - S. Radhakrishnan.

* First Speaker of Lok Sabha - G.V. Mavalankar.

* First Lok Sabha meeting was on May 13, 1952.

* First Lok Sabha held 677 sittings for about 3,784 hours.

* Around 48.8 percent of time of first Lok Sabha was used for legislative business.

* Percentage of graduates has increased from 58 percent in 1952 to 79 percent in 2009 (includes post-graduate and doctoral degrees).

* Women constitute 11 percent of members in the 15th Lok Sabha. In comparison, only 5 percent of MPs in the first Lok Sabha were women.

* In the first Lok Sabha, there was no MP over the age of 70. This number has risen to 7 percent in the current Lok Sabha.

* The first Lok Sabha passed an average of 72 bills each year. This has decreased to 40 in the 15th Lok Sabha.

* Parliament passed 118 Bills in 1976. This was the highest number of Bills passed by Parliament in a single year.

* The lowest number of Bills was passed in 2004 when only 18 Bills were passed by Parliament.

* Lok Sabha met for an average 127 days in the 1950s and Rajya Sabha for 93 days. This has decreased to 73 days for both houses in 2011.

Source: IANS

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