Updated: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 08:00:00 GMT | By PTI

Narendra Modi practising Muslim appeasement: Congress

Congress has alleged that in his bid to realise his prime ministerial dreams, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi had embarked on a "Muslim appeasement" policy

Narendra Modi practising Muslim appeasement: Congres (© Reuters)

Ahmedabad: Whenever Congress does anything for the minority community, we are accused of appeasement. But to obtain votes, this government has started a policy of Muslim appeasement, alleged the leader of opposition in the state assembly, Shankarsinh Vaghela.

"Modi has released his picture with Champaner Masjid in the background ..." Vaghela said.

He alleged that BJP was leaving no stone unturned in driving a wedge between the Hindu and Muslim communities with a view to garnering maximum votes.

"Muzaffarnagar (in Uttar Pradesh) is the best example of it," Vaghela said.

Vaghela said the blasts at Bodhgaya and at the venue for Modi's rally in Patna should be investigated thoroughly.

"I believe there is something suspicious as some Hindus are found to be accused in the case..." he said.

The crime rate has gone up under Modi's rule and "women and children in the state are living under fear", Vaghela further alleged.

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