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Manmohan Singh is the 'main election agent' of Narendra Modi: Arun Shourie

On whether Modi would unite the BJP behind him or fracture the top leadership like Sushma Swaraj or L K Advani, Shourie said he would not speak about "stateless" leaders in Delhi as there are state leaders

Manmohan Singh is election agent of Modi: Arun Shourie (© Reuters)

New Delhi: Former Union minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Arun Shourie has called Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as the "main election agent" of Narendra Modi as "non performance" of the UPA government has been helping the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Speaking to a television news channel, he also said move to get the Food Security Bill would ruin the country's economy as it has terrible consequences. "Manmohan Singh is the main election agent of Narendra Modi today. Since he (the Prime Minister) is not doing anything, people are saying that Modi lao... Modi lao (bring Modi, bring Modi)," he said.

Asked to comment about some people's perception that Modi is a divisive figure and he would rupture India's communal harmony, Shourie said there was communal harmony and "the question is at the moment what the country wants is not divisive but decisive leadership and he has certainly demonstrated that".

Asked to clarify whom he was referring to as stateless leaders in Delhi, Shourie said it (stateless leaders) was Gyaniji's description and he had said that there were two types of leaders in India - on one side leaders like K Kamraj, S K Patil, NTR and on the other side stateless leaders like VP Singh.

Questioned whether he was comparing Swaraj and Advani to VP Singh, he said he was not comparing them to anybody in Delhi.

"I am saying that Modi has united the party at the grass-roots level as far as I can see. I am not in touch with the party but if that is the party of workers and volunteers are all for him, I am sure that people in Delhi are also now reconciled to him," he said.

Shourie said the UPA government has been outliving its utility as it was not doing anything except for some "perverse" things like National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, Food Security Bill, which have terrible consequences for the economy.

"Subsidies were increasing at 12 per cent a year; that is bad enough. After 2008 it has increased at 32 per cent a year ... can an economy afford that. You see everything that is done is desirable but sometimes you can afford it sometimes you can't," he said.

Asked whether NREGA and Food Security Bill represent welfareism taken to the extent of bad economics endangering the country's future, he said "not only for the future but at present it has really ruined things".

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