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Is City of Joy turning into City of 'Bhoy'?

Countering the growing apprehensions, State Women's Commission chairperson Sunanda Mukherjee attributed the growing consciousness among women to report the crimes as the reason behind the rising recorded offences

Is City of Joy turning into City of 'Bhoy'? (© Getty Images)

Kolkata: From jumping off a moving train to scaling the gate of a highrise complex, women here are being compelled to take perilous steps to save themselves from the rising incidence of sexual crimes which now threatens to turn the City of Joy into the City of 'Bhoy' (Bengali for fear).

While the National Crime Records Bureau has put West Bengal atop the country in crimes against women in 2012, the recent spate of molestations and rapes in and around the city has led many to believe Kolkata is increasingly becoming unsafe for the female population. They blame a 'passive and callous' administration for the situation.

"The fear of the administration is missing. Criminals now believe they can easily get away. Unfortunately, women are increasingly falling prey," activist Anuradha Talwar told IANS.

"What can you expect from the administration when the chief minister (Mamata Banerjee) herself trivialises heinous crimes by calling them fabricated or petty. This callous attitude obviously is emboldening the criminals," said painter Samir Aich.

Some days ago, a French woman was chased down lanes by motorcycle-borne youths, with one of them loudly proclaiming his intention to rape her. The woman was forced to take refuge behind taxis and construction material. In a desperate measure, she scaled the gate of an apartment complex to save herself.

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