Updated: Mon, 04 Nov 2013 22:45:00 GMT | By Rupkamal Sarma/ India Syndicate

India’s Space Odyssey

World Space Week is celebrated every year between October 4 to October 10 by the United Nations to commemorate the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition. The theme of World Space Week 2013 is about conquering the red planet – Mars. The NASA’s Mars Curiosity is the largest ever rover brought to another planet while there is a fly-by mission planned in 2018. On this occasion, we look at the space missions of India to various planets

India’s Space Odyssey (© Corbis)

Mars Mission

Like the Curiosity, India has its own mission planned to Mars.  The 450 crore  Mangalyaan mission is a planned Mars orbiter, to be launched on October 28, 2013, by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).  The spacecraft is expected to take nearly 300 days to reach the Martian orbit.  The nano car sized unmanned satellite will orbit the red planet and will study the climate, geology, origin, evolution and sustainability of life on the planet.

India’s Space Odyssey (© Corbis)

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