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Five men raped me, police asked how: Kolkata woman

Kolkata: A 37-year-old woman said she was raped in a moving car in the heart of the metropolis earlier this month, and that, instead of taking action on her FIR, the Kolkata police asked her how she could be raped in a moving car by five men.

Five men raped me, police asked how: Kolkata woman

As per police reports, the mother of two and a former call centre employee was raped on the night of Feb 5. She was also severely beaten. The police complaint was filed Feb 9 while her medical examination was conducted Tuesday.

Talking about her ordeal to a Bengali news channel, she said: "I was raped at gun point by one Sharafat Ali inside a car in which I was given a lift. The man kept hitting me mercilessly even after he had finished raping me."

The victim said she had boarded the car because the lift was offered by a man Lavi Gidwani with whom she had a friendly chat a few minutes earlier at a club from where she was returning home late in the night.

"He looked and talked decent. But it was his friend Ali who sat beside me and I realised I was in trouble. I only remember the car going towards St Xavier's College (Park Street) ... later, I was kicked out of the car," she said.

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