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Chronology: Bofors graft row over 27 years

The 1986 Bofors howitzer payoff scam was one of the major corruption scandals involving arms manufacturers, middelmen and politicians

Chronology: Bofors graft row over 27 years (© PTI)

New Delhi: Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi who died of a heart attack in Milan Friday was formally charged inm court for allegedly being

involved in the 1986 Bofors howitzer payoff scam, one of the major corruption scandals in India.

The following is a chronology of events since 1986 in which then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and others were accused of receiving kickbacks from the

Swedish gun manufacturer Bofors:

March 24, 1986: A $15 billion contract between the Indian government and Swedish arms company AB Bofors is signed for the supply of over 400 155mm

Howitzer field guns.

April 16, 1987: Swedish Radio claims Bofors paid kickbacks to top Indian politicians and key defence officials to secure the deal. The claim was

denied by Rajiv Gandhi.

Aug 6, 1987: A Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) is set up to probe the allegations. It submits its report two years later.

Nov 1989: With the opposition BJP making the Bofors kickbacks a poll issue, Rajiv Gandhi's Congress party is voted out of power in the general


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