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BJP can either promote Modi or the NDA

The eventual beneficiary of the Modi projection may well be the UPA under Manmohan Singh for the third time. Unless, of course, the Congress exceeds the figure of 206 seats it won in 2009

BJP can either promote Modi or the NDA (© Reuters)

New Delhi: When RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat arrives in the capital Tuesday to meet L.K. Advani and other BJP leaders, the party faction floating in the clouds after Goa will come down to earth. Of course, the key decision taken at the party's conclave in Goa will remain unchanged. Narendra Modi will remain the campaign panel chief for 2014, but just as Arun Jaitley and Pramod Mahajan held that position in 2009 and 2004 respectively. In other words, Goa will not look like the beginning of a Modi coronation.

What the Bhagwat-Advani meet will bring into bold relief is also something that has been pretty clear to the panic-stricken BJP leaders who trooped into the senior leader's Prithviraj Road residence and established telephone lines between him and Bhagwat in Nagpur to pronounce a simple message: Advani, at 85, is far from having sung his swan song. We need him to stay in the game, seems to be the voiceless chant of leaders who, in their own deep heart's core, were denied the limelight in Goa.

The leaders who knelt before him were not demonstrating their adoration for Advani. Rather, they saw in his eclipse a shrinking of their room for manoeuvre, an end to whatever dreams they may have nurtured. And there is no end to their dreams. That Advani himself had grasped this reality comes across in his letter of resignation from party forums. "Most leaders of ours are now concerned with their personal agendas."

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