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Bengal woos industry amid mismanagement taint

Didi rolled out the red carpet for industrialists, exhorting them to consider West Bengal as their 'Dreamland' for investment, but administrative mismanagement took much of the sheen out of the event. While the inaugural was well attended, with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee being present, the next few days failed to draw crowds.

Bengal woos industry amid mismanagement taint

The 'mismanagement', as described by a section of the local media and industry lobbyists, came to the fore when automobile giant General Motors director Christopher E. Borroni-Bird, who was a guest lecturer, had to wait for hours on the empty dais in the near-empty pavilion to deliver his speech as officials of the state government arrived late.

Borroni-Bird was invited for a presentation on a proposed automated vehicle. The visit of the senior executive of the US carmaker, which is looking for a partner city to explore opportunities in technologically advanced and energy efficient concept car Electric Networked-Vehicle (EN-V), was significant as it raised hopes about the eventual setting up of a manufacturing plant over three years after the Tatas moved the Nano factory out of Singur.

So the initial reception meted out to him was a game spoiler. But Industry Minister Partha Chatterjee, who had camped at the venue to interact with the businessmen, saved the day as he rushed to the auditorium and took a front seat till the end of Borroni-Bird's presentation.

Later the minister urged him to consider Bengal for the EN-V pilot car project.

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