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Modi 'congratulates' mosquitoes for daring to bite Rahul

Gujarat CM says Congress loyalists woudln't tolerate a word against Gandhi family

Modi 'congratulates' mosquitoes for daring to bite Rahul

Sagar (MP): In a remark that is likely to trigger another war of words between BJP and Congress, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Monday congratulated the mosquitoes of Bundelkhand region for daring to bite Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.

"I want to congratulate the mosquitoes as they had dared to bite shahzade (Rahul), because no one from his family had been touched in the last hundred years," Modi said.

Let alone touching, if anyone said a word against the Gandhi family, its loyalists would not spare him or her, Modi said in an election rally.

Rahul had said last month at a public meeting that he suffered mosquitoes bites when he was visiting the area in 2009.

Modi said he wanted to fight elections on the issue of development, but the Congress was shying away from this, and it was only interested in increasing its vote banks.

Congressmen did not have any sense of responsibility and they continued to be involved in one scam or the other, he said.

In contrast, Modi said, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had visited almost every village in the state and given an account of the work done by his government.

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