Fri, 27 Apr 2012 18:39:50 GMT

London hostage crisis over, man arrested

The police say they've arrested the suspect at the centre of a three-hour siege which shut down part a busy part of Central London.

Hostage situation in in central London, building evacuated

The capital's Metropolitan Police say the 49-year-old man is now in police custody and that building is being searched.

One eyewitness claimed on Friday that the man burst into the office of a training company saying he was ready to blow himself up.

Scotland Yard said in a statement that police were called to Tottenham Court Road, a busy central London avenue, just before noon. A negotiator was sent to the site, the statement said. Office supplies, including computer monitors, were being thrown from the building's fifth-floor window.

The area was cordoned off, nearby buildings were evacuated and a police sniper was stationed on a rooftop near the building.

"It's unclear if other people (are) in the building," police said in a statement, adding they aren't treating the incident as terror-related.

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