Tue, 17 Apr 2012 08:15:58 GMT | By Prasanto K. Roy

Toongate: Has Mamata Banerjee misused the IT Act?

Toongate: Has Mamata Banerjee misused the IT Act?

Question: Why did Mamata Banerjee cross the road?

Answer: To see if the chicken were making fun of her!

In mid-April, the chief minister of West Bengal went viral with a vengeance. Hundreds of tweets (like the one above by @harqblack) carried the trendy #arrestmenow tag. Courting arrest got a new meaning.

Now, Mamata is not the first to go viral. But such speed is usually found in other celebrity and entertainment domains.

But on April 12, on her direction, Kolkata police arrested a Jadavpur University professor of chemistry for emailing a cartoon to a few friends.

The offending cartoon was mild and childish. It picks a dialogue from the Satyajit Ray movie "Shonar Kella" (the Golden Fort), and has Mamata pointing to a railways logo and saying: "See that, Mukul? Shonar Kella!" At which point Mukul Roy sees Dinesh Trivedi and says: "Bad man!" And Mamata says: "Bad man? Vanish!"

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