Thu, 12 Apr 2012 11:15:24 GMT

Give disabled children a choice, amend RTE: NAC

The Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council (NAC) wants the human resource development (HRD) ministry to amend the right to education (RTE) law to ensure that disabled children have the choice to study either in an ordinary or a special school.

Give disabled children a choice, amend RTE: NAC

"The HRD ministry should amend the act to ensure that the RTE to all children with disabilities is safeguarded and that the choice to such children to study in an inclusive school or a special school is real," said the draft guidelines framed by the council's working group on the rights of the disabled.

According to the NAC, while one view was that children with sensory disabilities would benefit from education in separate settings and a supportive environment, the other was that education was the key to promoting positive attitudes in people with disabilities.

"Segregating children with disability perpetuates stereotyping and lack of understanding of the difference, leading to discrimination in all areas of life," said the guidelines.

Making a mention of the draft Rights of Persons With Disabilities Bill, 2011, the advisory body said the proposed legislation did not take a position on the issue of sending disabled children to special or integrated schools.

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