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From comedy to horror, Greatbong has your ''Attention''!

Manasi Dhanorkar
New Delhi, Feb 2 (PTI) After political satire in his first book, ''May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss,'' Arnab Ray, known for his blog ''Greatbong,'' has delved into horror genre with his second novel, ''The Mine.''
"I like to write what I like to read, and horror is my favourite genre besides comedy," Ray said about the change of genre for his next book, published by Westland.

His first book was a sarcastic and irreverent look at India in the 90s, poking fun at Bollywood C-grade revenge masalas and fake reality shows.

Speaking at the launch of his latest novel, which is a psychological thriller about five experts investigating a serious of strange occurrences taking place in an underground mine in Rajasthan, Ray said the book is essentially about a man looking for his daughter who vanished.

Stating that he had outgrown supernatural horror that usually involves ghosts and zombies, Ray said that abstract horror and psychological deviation attracted him.

"I am very attracted to the idea that the greatest evil lies inside and that man is a monster. This is what I''ve explored in this book," the writer, whose favourite author is Stephen King, said.

The author said the title ''The Mine,'' and the setting of the plot, is inspired by a Greek concept, ''tartaros,'' which means a place for people who are not even fit for hell.

The book delves into the nature of evil, morally ambiguous decisions and the compromises that people make with evil, the research scientist at University of Maryland says.

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