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DP lists illegal constructions in Sainik Farms; MCD silent

New Delhi, Dec 9 (PTI) The Delhi Police may have informed the Municipal Corporation of 120 illegal constructions in the posh Sainik farms area of South Delhi but for the civic body there is no such activity going on in the area.

There civic body has told an RTI applicant that although no constructions are allowed in Sainik Farms and even Delhi High Court has issued orders in this regard, there are no illegal constructions.

The curious case came before the Central Information Commission which directed the Deputy Municipal Commissioner (South) to inquire into the matter and submit his report before December 31 in this regard.

"This clearly shows that though Delhi Police had informed MCD about illegal construction on 120 properties, MCD officials are not taking cognisance of these for obvious reasons. The Commission is giving the list of the 120 properties reported by Delhi Police to MCD to the respondent," Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi said.

The case relates to an RTI application filed by one R H Bansal of Rohini who sought to know from the MCD whether construction of buildings is allowed in Sainik Farms and the number of buildings constructed in the area.

The MCD in its reply said that no construction is allowed in Sainik Farms area and also accepted that Delhi High Court has also issued orders in this regard.

However, it said that no building is under construction and no construction took place between June-December 2010.

During the hearing before the CIC, Bansal alleged that MCD officials are "colluding" with illegal and unauthorised construction. He also produced a list of 120 unauthorised construction in the area which, provided by Delhi Police to the MCD.

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