Sun, 04 Sep 2011 09:18:08 GMT

DU clears cluster innovation centre proposal amid dissent

New Delhi, Sept 3 (PTI) Delhi University''s top decision making bodies today cleared a proposal for establishing a cluster innovation centre amid strong dissent from teachers who cited "statutory violations" in the way the proposal was presented and criticised it for being a "cut and paste" job.

The proposal papers for establishing the Cluster Innovation Center and a four year B Tech/ B S Innovation programme with Mathematics and IT were presented before the Academic Council (AC) in an emergency meeting today before being taken up by the Executive Council (EC) later in the day.

The Academic Council meeting, that turned out to be a stormy affair, started early in the day and stretched out till late in the afternoon with at least 25 elected members submitting notes of dissent on procedural lapses committed in calling the meetings, while some dissenting on the content of the draft that was circulated.

Allegations of "plagiarism" emerged earlier after some teachers pointed out that portions of the course introduction were not original and had in fact been copied word to word from other sources.

The dissenting teachers said the proposal was sent to them only a couple of days back and an emergency meeting announced without any detail of what committee had drafted it and without sufficient time to deliberate or discuss it.

They called the proposal a "total mess", brought out with no peer review and no expert advice.

"We are horrified. What we know from all this is that is something done in extreme haste, bypasing all norms. Normally such proposals are drafted by a committee and the AC given time to study and debate it. But there is no committee taking responsibility here and worse it appears to be a cut and paste job which is shameful," said Abha Dev Habib, member of the AC.

The teachers also pointed out that the introductory note also lacked details on eligibility criteria, and fails to convince how the vast syllabus laid out would be completed in the given number of lecture. .

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