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Anna campaign deafening, writes Arundhati Roy

As India witnesses the "second freedom struggle" against corruption and most celebrities have lent support to Anna Hazare, the hero of "second freedom struggle", Booker prize winning author Arundhati Roy has decided to take the road less travelled.

Anna campaign deafening, writes Arundhati Roy

In a column titled 'I'd rather not be Anna' published in The Hindu, the noted activist questions the very cause for which Anna wages a battle.

For last few months, 74-year old Anna Hazare made headlines fighting the new Jan Lokpal bill tooth and nail with the fight intensifying in a 15-day fast to force the ruling UPA Government to relent to his demands for a more stricter legislation against corruption that spares none.

The septuagenarian finds the current draft too weak and is on a marathon hunger fast to put pressure on the UPA Government to pass his version of Lokpal bill that gives more scope and power to an ombudsman to monitor politicians, bureaucrats and the judiciary.

While agreeing the current draft is not in stature of an effective anti-corruption legislation, Roy calls the orignial version as a draconian law.

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