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Turning "Satish" into "Neha" - Film captures real life story

of eunuchs
From Sandeep Dahiya
Ajmer (Raj), Jul 7 (PTI) Neglected by family and ridiculed by society, the life of an eunuch is often a dismal picture of abuse, exploitation and bondage, shows a new documentary featuring a young suburban Mumbai transgender .

"Aur Neha Nahi Bik Payee" (And, Neha Could Not Be Sold) a 55-minute film documents the life of Satish, who after being driven out of home for being born without a gender identity is taken under the wing of a community of eunuchs and assumes a new identity-Neha.

"I wanted to highlight the life of bondage of eunuchs.
We often see them begging at traffic lights, many of them are involved in prostitution or other crimes, so we hate them. But it is worth knowing why they do what they do," says Piyush Saxena who has made the docufilm.

Saxena, who has been working for the cause of eunuchs for the past five years in Mumbai released his documentary during the recently concluded 799th Urs of Sufi Saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisty here.

"We are deserted, neglected and treated as non-humans, merely because we are eunuchs but the degree of misery that we have to face is a fact that majority of people may not unduly concern themselves with," 21-year-old Neha told PTI in an interview.

Seven other eunuchs apart from Neha also star in the film that portrays their struggles in and does not attempt to hide their real names and their actual residence addresses.

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