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Indian docu-maker captures Mugabe's horrors

Bangalore: An Indian has made a telling and insightful 54-minute documentary titled `Mugabe's Zimbabwe' that has caught the attention of critics and also filmed at Cannes (France) this April. It has been selected as one of the Hot Picks of 2011 in the factual entertainment section.

Indian docu-maker captures Mugabe's horrors

The documentary film by Shrenik Rao is an inquiry into Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe's rule.

Commenting on the film, Barry Baerak, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, said the film is "a primer to the situation, something of value especially to those not yet familiar with Zimbabwe and its recent history".

Speaking on the documentary, Rao said: "Once upon a time Robert Mugabe fought for Zimbabwe's Independence from an oppressive white minority rule and garnered a black majority rule. Mugabe became the President of Zimbabwe, a beacon of hope for democracy and peace in the country.

But, 30 years after independence, Mugabe, who was once the darling of the world, is now considered a despot. A man who was once called a 'Liberator' is now called a 'Dictator'. A man who is the 'President' of a country is called a 'Tyrant'. And Zimbabwe today is a mismanaged nation that is bankrupt, isolated and marked by abject poverty and spiralling unemployment".

Mugabe's Zimbabwe is an inquiry into how Zimbabwe, from its successful independence 30 years ago has collapsed dramatically. The film presents a terrifying story, plotting Robert Mugabe's three decades of bloodshed, terror and corruption and narrates how he turned hope into desolation.

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