Thu, 31 Mar 2011 09:36:16 GMT | By Anu Kurian, India Syndicate

Do celebrities get away lightly?

The indictment of actor Shiney Ahuja proved that celebrities can be made accountable if the courts and the law enforcement agencies put their mind to it.

Celebs beware! Law is not blind

Shiney Ahuja was accused of raping his domestic maid at his residence in suburban Oshiwara on June 14 after calling her to his bedroom on the pretext of getting a glass of water. When the maid went inside, Ahuja bolted the door and raped her, she had alleged.

He was arrested and spent 110 days in police and judicial custody in various jails before the Bombay High Court granted him bail on surety of Rs.50,000. On March 30, 2011, the Mumbai Sessions Court held him guilty of rape and sentenced him to seven years imprisonment. Ahuja now plans to appeal against the sentence in a higher court.

In our country, celebrities seem to get away with just about anything, including murder. Do write in your thoughts below on this subject.

We bring you some of the celebs who, despite being indicted in more than one case, have got away with everything and some managed to salvage some pride! Do notice the time lag between the actual event and the latest on each case...

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