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13 yrs on, a sex scandal returns to haunt Kerala politics

Thiruvananthapuram: A 13-year-old sex scandal has resurfaced to rock politics in Kerala three months ahead of the Assembly elections.


On Friday, Kunhalikutty said he was facing death threats from his brother-in-law. "Rauf is trying to blackmail me by using a forged video CD," he said.

On Sunday, Malayalam channel Indiavision, whose chairman is M K Muneer, Kunhalikutty's rival in the party, aired the sting. It showed K C Peter, former additional director-general of prosecution, saying that Kerala High Court judges K Narayana Kurup and K Thankappan had been bribed to rule in favour of Kunhalikutty.


2004: The prime witness told the media that Kunhalikutty had abused her while she had been a minor. Her initial court statement had not indicted the leader but she now said she was ready to change it. It was Rauf who reportedly went into damage control. He allegedly built a house for the girl and paid victims and witnesses not to depose against Kunahalikutty, then Industries Minister. The girl changed her version again, making no charge against Kunhalikutty.

2010: Income Tax raided Rauf's premises and found an unaccounted amount of Rs 15 crore, as well as forged government papers for the purchase of 300 acres in Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra. Besides, one of his aides was arrested on charges of carrying fake Indian currency, minted in Pakistan.

2011: Kunhalikutty has now said, "As a minister, I went out of my way and did a lot for Rauf. Enough is enough. I can't be responsible for all the dirty dealings of Rauf, who has links with anti-national forces."

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