Thu, 30 Dec 2010 17:24:25 GMT | By R Shankar, India Syndicate

CBI or Closure Bureau of Investigation?

The closure of Aarushi case has put the investigative skills of the CBI in sharp focus

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CBI or Closure Bureau of Investigation?

The closure of the Aarushi murder case has brought the investigative skills of the Central Bureau of Investigation into sharp focus.

Once known to be a premier investigative agency and India's version of the Scotland Yard of UK, the CBI has earned itself some snide comments as it willingly surrendered its backbone to the ruling dispensation or crawled when asked to bend.

Though an independent agency, the CBI is more seen as an agency of the ruling party to settle scores, keep opponents silent, force political parties to support or oppose issues. Little wonder that the BJP and the Opposition parties call the CBI the Congress Bureau of Investigation.

But to be fair, the CBI got a messy case when the UP police handed over the Aarushi file. The UP police had botched up the evidence, tampered with the scene of crime and created enough red herrings.

That be so, why did the CBI take over two years to declare that they had a hopeless case on hand? Why did the CBI use unscientific means to question the servants of Dr Rajesh Talwar?

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