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Coming up: On Yamuna Expressway, a city bigger than Delhi

Lucknow: In an out of-the-box way of policy-making which creates an urban zone 10 times the size of Noida, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to convert the entire rural belt along the Greater Noida-Agra expressway into an urban zone, making it the biggest such plan attempted in India.

Coming up: On Yamuna Expressway, a city bigger than Delhi

The Mayawati government issued a notification on Monday bringing 1,187 villages spanning six districts along the Yamuna Expressway under the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, cutting short a process that would otherwise have taken years.

In terms of size, this will be bigger than Greater Noida or Delhi, its nearest competitors. The decision is expected to prevent the haphazard growth of urban sprawls on the flanks of new highways. The state government has decided to notify an area of 10-15 km on the left of the almost-finished Yamuna Expressway and up to the river Yamuna on the right side, for "organised and well planned development".

Uttar Pradesh principal secretary (industrial development) VN Garg told FE that this is one of the most ambitious efforts of the state government in transforming a rural area into an urban one, which will also serve as a corridor for industrial and infrastructural development.

"At present, it is a transitional phase and the evolution from rural to urban will take time, but we see immense scope of growth in this area. In fact, some of the work has already started. The construction of Agra Ring Road is in progress, the Formula One racing track is getting ready for 2011 championship, plans for developing five townships along the Expressway are in progress and a lot of urban development work is being carried out by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, including the setting up of a gas-based power plant. Such large-scale activities take their time, but progress has been steady," he said.

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